2015.10.11 Madison, WI Wisco w/ Milton (Mildew+Newton), Loop Retard   
  2015.11.07 Minneapolis, MN Eagles Club w/ Repulsar, Rape Door   


  2015.09/26 Minneapolis, MN Grumpy's   w/ Hastings 3000, G-Biz   
  2015.08.31 Minneapolis, MN Memory Lanes Mock the Garden II: The Legend of Curly's Gold w/ Transitional Species, -NON-, Mrs. and 23 other artists   
  2015.08.01 Miadison, WI The V Spot FrotFest w/ Loop Retard, Bullshit Market, tooth_eye, Boar, Hideous Replica and 20 other artists   
  2015.07.21 Minneapolis, MN Rathole   w/ Coral Remains, Gnawed, Senator Butthole Johnson, Zombie Bite   
  2015.07.12 Minneapolis, MN 7th St Entry   w/ Torche, Hive   
2015.06.20Minneapolis, MNSecret ServiceMinneapolis Industrial-Noise Festivalw/ Gnawed, Plack Blague, Anthony Amelang, Indian Burial Ground, Dolores Dewberry and 23 other artists  
2015.05.22Minneapolis, MNDogplex w/ Monowolf, Still, NON-, Baculum  
 2015.05.10Madison, WIThe V Spot w/ Gnawed, No Question, 19564, Knute 
2015.05.09Detroit, MIThe SanctuaryMidwest Harshfest Unow/ Gnawed, John Wiese and 26 other artists  
2015.05.08Chicago, ILClub Rectum w/ Gnawed, Rectal Hygienics, Timeghost, Ora Iso, Anal Hearse, Hogg  
2015.01.31Minneapolis, MNThe Terminal w/ jonnyallen, Ass Bastards of Mordor, Grave Slave  
2014.11.14Minneapolis, MNFuck Mountain w/ Mass Harakiri, Anthony Amelang, Dead Actress, Breathing Signal, Office Skin  
2014.10.20Minneapolis, MNFuck Mountain w/ Radio Shock, Ob Chod 
2014.08.24Minneapolis, MNMemory LanesMock the Gardenw/ Agitate, STRAIGHT PANIC, Transitional Species and 16 other artists 
2014.08.22Welden Township, MIThe PropertyMental Spaghetti 5w/ Styrofoam Sanchez, Dental Work, Williams Sides Atari Party and 43 other artists 
2014.08.20Chicago, ILBabylawn w/ Styrofoam Sanchez, Panicsville, One Dick Sucking Itself 
2014.07.12Minneapolis, MNFuck Mountain w/ Dolores Dewberry, Straight Panic, Dead Actress, Mass Harikari, Sseth  
2014.05.17Des Moines, IADes Moines Social ClubZeitgeist 4w/ 17 other artists 
2014.05.05Minneapolis, MNSHEgypt w/ Faction Disaster, Agitate, Indulge, Wild Forest  
2014.03.16Minneapolis, MNThe White Page w/ Future Death Toll, Samantha Johns, Hiponymous, Fire Drill, Dustin Maxwell, Panoply Performance Lab, Beasthead, Glow Mechanics
2014.02.08Miami, FLChurchill'sInternational Noise Conferencew/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Newton, Xela Zaid, Iovae, Lazer Slut, Radio Shock, Irene Moon, Unicorn Hard-On, Finkbeiner, Drums Like Machine Guns and 96 other artists
2013.10.02Minneapolis, MNHexagon w/ Wretched Worst, Cokskar, Sistema Inmundo, Gnawed  
2013.07.08Minneapolis, MNRat Hole w/ Coke Bust, Cokskar, Agitate, xNOMOREx  
2013.06.20Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Merciless Game, Cabbageheads, D-Form, Favela Rising  
2013.06.07Chicago, ILTritriangleInternational Noise Conferencew/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Andy Ortmann and 10 other artists 
2013.06.06Minneapolis, MNHexagonInternational Noise Conferencew/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Jaime Carrera, Rana May, late, Gnawed, Ob Chod, Transitional Species, Repulsar and 20 other artists 
2013.06.05Minneapolis, MNHexagon w/ Sete Star Sept, Brain Tumors, I.B.D.  
2013.05.16Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Moira Scar, Ob Chod, Repulsar, Senator Butthole Jonson 
2013.05.04Minneapolis, MNHouse of Lard w/ Totes Brute, Exogorth  
2013.04.14Claremont, CAKSPC Radio    
2013.04.1329 Palms, CAThe PalmsWonder Valley Experimental Music Festivalw/ Lords of Outland, Pulsating Cyst, Medicine Cabinet, Chopstick, Conscious Summary, Brutal Poodle, Phog Masheen, The Sibleys, Deglet Noor Fakirs, Endometrium Cuntplow, Sleep Walkers Local, MV Carbon, Jesus id Dead, AMK, Violin K Sonata 
2013.04.12Los Angeles, CAThe Handbag Factory w/ Actuary, Bacteria Cult, Pigeonwing, Lords of Outland 
2013.04.11Oakland, CAFirst Church of the Buzzard w/ Omniverous Sincellium, Nuclear Deathwish, Tainted Pussy, Styrofoam Sanchez, Business Etiquette 
2013.04.10Concord, CAThe Greenhouse w/ Heathen Plague, Necrovomitron, Striations  
2013.04.10Los Altos Hills, CAKFJC Radio    
2013.04.09San Francisco, CAHemlock Tavern w/ Thee Bringdownzz, Rubber O Cement, Krob  
2013.04.08Sacramento, CAMidtown Village CafeUberkock (Uberkunst + Cock E.S.P. )w/ Ennui Trust, Joltthrower, Noisepsalm, Lotion 
2013.04.07Portland, ORMultiplex w/ The Tenses (Smegma), Concrete Floor, Nic Tammens, Gubia (Ortrotasce/ASSS)  
2013.04.06Portland, ORAlleyway Bar w/ Divers, Murmurs  
2013.04.05Seattle, WAKraken w/ Vile Display of Humanity, Totes Brute, Sex Drug  
2013.03.27Minneapolis, MNSooLOCALLive soundtrack to film by Jason Wadew/ Transitional Species, Gnawed, Senator Butthole Johnson 


2012.12.08Minneapolis, MNLos AmigosOutletw/ Transitional Species  
 2012.10.13Minneapolis, MNMTN TV Studios   
2012.09.08Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Kenny Millions, Fuzzkill, Scaphe, I.B.D., Bloodwall, Paterson/Petersen/Wivinus, Transitional Species, Wasted Dad  
2012.09.07Minneapolis, MNHexagon w/ Kenny Millions, Cognitive Dissonance, Brain Tumors, Tips for Twat 
2012.07.27Minneapolis, MNRat Hole w/ Ezra, Agitate, Cokskar, Fuzzkill, Dead Grandma 
 2012.05.15Chicago, ILTreasure TownCocksville (Cock E.S.P. + Panicsville)w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Sharpwaist, Epaulettes, Josh Hydeman, Corephallism 
2012.04.28Denver, COOld Curtis Street BarDenver Noise Festw/ Swine Wave, Skin Horse, Camden, Weed, Thin White Puke, Baculum, Mass Projection, Cyrus Pireh, Cory Schumacher, Zombie Bite, Anthony Amelang  
 2012.02.11Miami, FLChurchill'sInternational Noise Conference  
2011.12.10Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Assrash, Still Pissed at Reagan, Favela Rising  
2011.11.30Minneapolis, MNBryant Lake BowlLive soundtrack to film by Jason Wade  
2011.11.11Minneapolis, MNHexagon w/ Rapedoor, Mommy Sez No, Repulsar, Indian Burial Ground 
 2011.10.14Madison, WIHigh Noon Saloon w/ Melt-Banana, Coffin Pricks, Helliphant 
 2011.09.17Brooklyn, NYEl DirtPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, Ortho, Weasel Walter, Bob Bellerue Diablo, Man Date, Loud Objects, Danny Moore, Rust orship 
2011.09.16Providence, RIParagonPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, Relay for Death, Nondor Nevai, Tanya Bezreh, Suffering Bastard, Taboo, Time Ghost, Human Beast, Shame Michael Broderick, Worth, Lazy Magnet 
 2011.09.15Easthampton, MAFlywheelPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, Relay for Death, Nondor Nevai, Bromp Trep, Baylies Band, Noise Nomads, Great Train Robbery, Fake Eggs, Man Cat, David Russell  
 2011.09.14Rochester, NYRochester Contemporary Art CenterPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, Relay for Death, R Nuuja, Finkbeiner, Beastview Maul, City Harvest Black, Foot and Mouth Disease, MNT DST, Col. Parmesan, Big Brain and the Drug Cartel, Blood and Bone Orchestra 
 2011.09.13Cleveland, OHNow That's ClassPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, Relay for Death, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Strange Brew, Mumber Toes, Shadows 
 2011.09.12Ypsilanti, MIPleasure DomePhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Strange Brew, Full Frontal, Tarpit, Tightrope, (D)(B)(H), Mall Mutants, Pinecones, Lidless Eye  
 2011.09.11Chicago, ILMinistry of BoredomPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, FUN, Rexor, Relay for Death, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Panicsville, Tarr  
 2011.07.19Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Dental Work, Sissisters, Concrete Shiva, Boronic Wall, Forgotten Works Electric 
2011.05.11Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Abiku, Cokskar, Hot Tony, Tips for Twat 
2011.03.19Chicago, ILTreasure Town w/ Eugenics Council, Panicsville, C Lavender, Shattered Hymen, Animal Steel  
 2011.02.28Minneapolis, MNNick and Eddie w/ Mutilation Rites, Taboo, Ancestral Diet, Moonstone 
2011.02.12Miami, FLChurchill'sInternational Noise Conference   
2010.10.03Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Dead Sea, Gramma's Boyfriend, Tunneler, Scaphe  
2010.09.15Chicago, ILDarkroom Bar w/ Ono, Ammu Nition, Nookleptia, Joe Grimm, DJ's Arvo Fingers & Omar Padrn 
2010.08.27Minneapolis, MNGround Zero w/ Uzza, Timmy Tapeworm, PyroPlasticFlow 
 2010.08.21Appleton, WIBFG w/ The Parish, Whorelord 
2010.07.10Minneapolis, MNFecal Manour w/ Mr. Fuckhead, Seth Ryan, PyroPlasticFlow, Anthrax Leprosy Mu, False  
2010.07.08St. Paul, MNTurf Club w/ Bastard Noise, Scaphe, Noise Quean Ant 
2010.06.14Fargo, NDAquarium w/ Indian Jewelry, Fantastic Planet  
 2010.05.24Madison, WIWilly Street Pub w/ Sauce Party, Honed Bastion, Milton (Mildew+Newton), Loop Retard 
 2010.05.08Columbus, OHSkylab w/ Penis Geyser, Friends with Corpses, Plasmic Formations, Quiet Pepsi 
2010.05.07Cleveland, OHNow That's ClassHorrible Fest 5w/ Puffy Areolas, The Family Chapter, Homostupids, Flyin Trichecos, Mr. California, Timmy's Organism, Birds of Maya, Pop. 1280, Bad Noids, Brainwashed Youth and a couple dozen other bands. 
2010.05.06Lansing, MIBasement 414 w/ Dental Work, Boron Nuzzle, Flaming Lotus  
 2010.05.05Grand Rapids, MIThe Cage w/ Sheep Herder, Buffalo Witch  
 2010.05.04Chicago, ILEnemy w/ Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, Neil Jendon, Vertonen  
2010.04.24Minneapolis, MNMedusaHeavy Focus 3w/ Sightings, Werewolf Jerusalem, BLOODYMINDED, Envenomist, Grain Belt, Seth Ryan, Locrian, Climax Denial, Paranoid Time, Wilt, Body Collector, TRTRKMMR, Regosphere and 15 other artists.  
2010.04.13St. Paul, MNTurf ClubInternational Noise Conference  
2010.04.04Kansas City, MOThe FoundationInternational Noise Conferencew/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Evz, Goodwillies, This Is My Condition, Dan Kozak, Ree-Yees, 3moons/6ear, Demon Horse, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Mark Southerland and Ashley Miller 
2010.03.31Minneapolis, MN7th St. Entry w/ Acid Mothers Temple, OGOD 
2010.02.13Miami, FLChurchill'sInternational Noise Conference  
2009.11.21Appleton, WIBFG w/ Tenement, Deep Shit, Slainte, Calm Whiner 
2009.11.13Madison, WIWilly Street Pub w/ Loop Retard 
 2009.10.12St. Paul, MNBig V's w/ ReDeMeR and WRONG 
 2009.10.06Milwaukee, WIBorg Ward w/ Disthroned Agony, Foetopsy, Dear Astronaut 
2009.10.05Nashville, TNBetty's Grill w/ Rapier, No Compassion, Outmode, Ladyland in Flames 
2009.10.04Little Rock, ARVino's w/ Blue Jungle 
2009.10.03Oklahoma City, OKThe Conservatory w/ Ovo, Subarachnoid Space, The Great Tyrant 
2009.08.29Chicago, ILMortville w/ Attitude Problem 
 2009.08.26Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Attitude Problem, Knife World, Anneliese, Fuzz Kill 
2009.07.29Minneapolis, MNMedusa w/ Noisear, Superbad, Rosskop, Neckhold, Deterioration 
2009.06.24Lincoln, NEBox Awesome w/ Hominoid, Soup of the Damned 
 2009.06.22Denver, CORhinoceropolis w/ Page 27, Novasak, Spellcaster 


2008.10.24Brooklyn, NYDeath by AudioFreenoise Festivalw/ White Mice, Suffering Bastard, Laundryroom Squelchers, Future Blondes, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Sanguine Piss, Tusco Terror, Radio Shock, Sauce Party, U Can Unlearn Guitar, WRONG 
2008.10.23Amherst, MAHampshire College w/ Suffering Bastard, Corephallism, White Mice, Newton, WRONG/THURSTON DUEL, Sauce Party 
2008.10.22Boston, MAThe Butcher Shop w/ Suffering Bastard, Corephallism, Newton, Rexor, Sauce Party 
 2008.10.21Providence, RI17mulesCollaboration w/ Rexorw/ Suffering Bastard, Corephallism, Newton, Shallow Waters, Rag Worm 
 2008.10.20Philadelphia, PAZ Radio   
 2008.10.20Newark, NJSeed Gallery w/ Suffering Bastard, White Mice, Newton/Rexor/Sauce Party collaboration, Cheezface, Panther Modern 
2008.10.19Philadelphia, PAAdventure Island w/ Suffering Bastard, White Mice, Sanguine Piss, New Bastard, Rexor, Sauce Party 
2008.10.18Cleveland, OHNow That's Class w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Tusco Terror, Dead Peasant Insurance, Rexor 
 2008.04.28Minneapolis, MNTardcore CompoundBilled as Hagonyw/ Bloodhag, Dianoga, Knife World, Pocket Pussy 
 2007.08.16Berlin, DE[Baum] w/ Origami Be, Sudden Infant 
 2007.08.11Kbenhavn, DKLab w/ Sltsprt, Synt.Tofs, The Harpies, Lamburg Tony, Den Fri, Havblik Audio, UVO, DJ Copyfokking, DJ ThOMMY, DJ Nis & Nis 
 2007.08.10lborg, DK1000Fryd w/ Lars Hansen and Danny Kreutzfeld 
2007.08.08Oslo, NOMiddelalderparkenya Festivalw/ ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Boredoms, CocoRosie, DEL, Devendra Banhart, Eagles of Death Metal, Jazkamer Metal Music Machine, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Linn Halvorsrd, Low, Melvins, New Young Pony Club, Nine Inch Nails, Norwegian Noise Orchestra, Primal Scream, Richie Hawtin, Roky Erickson & The Explosives, Rhys Chatham, Spectrum, Spoon, Tool, Woven Hand and more 
 2007.08.07Oslo, NOBlya Festivalw/ rabrot, Monolithic, Prins Nitram, Sissy Wish, Ungdomskulen, DJ Beinhard, DJ Snop76, DJ TLBJ 
 2007.04.13Chicago, ILNihilistBilled as Hagonyw/ Ryfylke, Andy Ortmann, Binges 
2007.03.17Boston, MASchool of the Museum of Fine Arts w/ Costes, Mr. Natural, Suffering Bastard, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck 
 2007.03.15Rochester, NYA|V Space w/ R. Nuuja, Tumul 
 2007.03.14Pittsburgh, PASmiling Moose w/ Costes, Plastered Bastards 
2007.03.13Columbus, OHSkylab w/ Costes, Mr. Natural, Noumena 
2007.03.12Cleveland, OHEmbassy w/ Skin Graft, Tusco Terror, Thursday Club 
2007.03.11Chicago, ILThe Village w/ Costes, Mr. Natural, Panicsville 
 2007.03.10Minneapolis, MNThe Church w/ Costes, Mr. Natural, Knife World, Dianoga 
 2006.11.18Arlington, MARegent TheatreBrainwaves Festivalw/ Thighpaulsandra, Z'ev, Troum, Nadja, The Dresden Dolls, Edward Ka-Spel and Silverman, The Caretaker, V/Vm, Goodiepal, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Greg Davis, Aranos, DJ Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Irr.App.(Ext.), Volcano the Bear, Windy & Carl, Landing, Howard Stelzer, Charles Atlas, Jessica Bailiff, Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin 
 2006.11.16New Brunswick, NJCastle Puppy w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Suffering Bastard and Door 
 2006.11.15New Haven, CTFort Sunshine w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Suffering Bastard 
 2006.11.14Providence, RIRedrum w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Suffering Bastard, The Fuzz 
2006.11.13Easthampton, MAFlywheel w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Suffering Bastard, Steve Zultanski, Ben Hersey, Joshua Burkett 
 2006.11.12Boston, MAThe Butcher Shop w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Suffering Bastard, EUU 
 2006.05.27Appleton, WIRavens w/ Teen Anal Terrorist


 2005.07.23Nashville, TNAngle of View w/ Occasional Detroit, Right Arm Severed, Apple Snails 
2005.06.20Minneapolis, MNMala w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Knife World, Right Arm Severed 
2005.04.01Minneapolis, MNKnow Name Records w/ Justice Yeldham & the Dynamic Ribbon Device, Dave Phillips, Panzram, Diamonds 
 2004.12.31Minneapolis, MNDen of Confusion w/ Davenport, Right Arm Severed, Mumber Toes 
 2004.12.14Madison, WISlipper Club   
 2004.11.08Omaha, NETip Top House w/ A Tomato A Day, Yoko Sato 
2004.11.07Denver, COMonkey Mania w/ Other People's Children, Page 27, Novasak 
 2004.11.05Oakland, CAGrandma's House w/ Ovo, Four Fingers of Death (feat. 36 and Steve Mackay), No Doctors, Unconditional Loathing, Quem Quaritis, Evolve Music 
2004.11.04San Francisco, CAEdinburgh Castle w/ Ovo, 36, Mummers vs. Knife Fight, Theramin Barney 
 2004.11.03Los Angeles, CAThe Smell w/ Ovo, 36, Bastard Noise, Koola Holla 
 2004.11.02Burns Canyon, CATrak Brak Open Air w/ Ovo, Three Fingers of Death (feat. 36 and Steve Mackay), Koonda Holaa, Right Arm Severed 
2004.11.01Phoenix, AZCone Gallery w/ Ovo, 36 
 2004.10.30Austin, TXRoom 710 w/ Ovo, 36, Rubble, Aurora Plastics Company, Madamimadam 
 2004.10.29Houston, TXSuper Happy Funland w/ Ovo, 36, Rotten Piece, Coward Electronics 
 2004.10.28Oklahoma City, OKThe Conservatory w/ Ovo, 36, El Paso Hot Button 
 2004.10.27Columbia, MOApop Records w/ Ovo, 36, Ova!, Alleycat 
 2004.10.27Kansas City, MOThe Brick w/ Ovo 
 2004.10.26St. Louis, MOLemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ Ovo, 36, Ova!, Brain Transplant 
 2004.10.25Bloomington, IN805 S. Rogers w/ Ovo, 36, Ova!, Russian Tsarcasm, Ob Stokkem, Smut 
2004.10.23St. Paul, MNBig V's w/ Ovo, 36, Ova!, Right Arm Severed 
 2004.10.22Madison, WIThe Corral Room w/ Ovo, 36, Screamin' Cyn-Cyn and the Pons 
 2004.09.01Minneapolis, MNBedlam StudioAvant-Trash Festw/ Emil Beaulieau, Crank Sturgeon, Seasonal Concepts, Laundry Room Squelchers, Right Arm Severed, Prurient 
2004.08.08Flint, MIFlint Local 482Occasional E.S.P. (Occasional Detroit + Cock E.S.P.)w/ Wolf Eyes, 8bit Porno, Will Soderberg, PBK, Verzerren 
2004.08.08Flint, MIFlint Local 482 w/ Wolf Eyes, 8bit Porno, Will Soderberg, PBK, Verzerren 
 2004.06.17Milwaukee, WIDead Squirrel House w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Nautical Almanac, Right Arm Severed, Bruce Carkiss, Mildew, Groovy Radio Shit Fever 
2004.06.16Madison, WI2310 Multimedia Facility w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Nautical Almanac, Right Arm Severed, Bruce Carkis, Mumber Toes 
 2004.06.06Madison, WITenney Park w/ Right Arm Severed, Mumber Toes, The Jaguar, THINGSfallingAPART, The Veterans of Flight, The Corwins, The Metroids, STS 
2004.04.18St. Paul, MNBig V'sNaked Dinner 2w/ Quad Muth, Clip'd Beaks, Happy Mothers Day I Can't Read, Chips & Salsa 
 2004.04.17Madison, WINottingham CoopDecibel Festival 2w/ Panicsville, Magic is Kuntmaster, Mumber Toes, STS, Right Arm Severed, Craig Microcassette System, Bruce Carkiss 
 2004.04.11Chicago, ILEmpty Bottle w/ Panicsville, The Conformists, The Coughs 
 2004.04.10Columbus, OHBLD Warehouse w/ Irene Moon, Noumena, Russian Tsarcasm 
2004.04.09Lexington, KYClub Seal w/ Joshua Treble, Auk Theatre 
2004.04.08Birmingham, ALCave 9 w/ Ghost to Falco, Brass Castle, Duotard Plays Pussyturd vs. Real Golf, Tweeter Gagger 
2004.04.06Houston, TXSuper Happy Funland w/ Rotten Piece, Richard Ramirez, Rusted Shut, Kairos, TEF, Lysogeny 
 2004.04.05Austin, TXChurch of the Friendly Ghost w/ Static Storm System, Rotten Piece, Laundry Room Squelchers, Baby Robots, Jehri Seignfieldt's Atrophied Sac 
2004.04.04Oklahoma City, OKThe Conservatory w/ These Enzymes, Gravity Propulsion System 
2004.04.02Madison, WIAtwood Community CenterCock Festw/ Pirate Cock, Orphan Cocktail, Right Cock Severed, Bruce Cockkiss, Cock Blocking Peons


 2003.10.22Madison, WINottingham Coop w/ Costes, U Can Unlearn Guitar, PrairiePusher, Mumber Toes 
 2003.10.21Minneapolis, MNThe Church w/ Costes, U Can Unlearn Guitar, PrairiePusher, WRONG 
2003.10.20Columbia, MOMU Engineering Bldg W w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment 
 2003.10.19Columbia, MOKCOU Radio   
2003.10.17Oklahoma City, OKThe Conservatory w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Smarty Pants 
2003.10.16Austin, TXThe Parlor w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar 
2003.10.16Austin, TXKVRX Radio   
 2003.10.15Houston, TXSuper Happy Funland w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Rotten Piece, Muzak, Priest in Shit 
2003.10.12Cincinnati, OHSudsy Malone's w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Occasional Detroit, Laundry Room Squelchers, Burning Star Core, Prantershifter 
 2003.10.11Lexington, KYArtsPlace w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Irene Moon, Walter Carson 
 2003.10.10Hampton, VARatward w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Rotten Piece, Khate, Feralcatscan, Palm Trees 
 2003.10.09Baltimore, MDTarantula Hill w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Crank Sturgeon, Rotten Piece, Occasional Detroit 
 2003.10.08Allentown, PAJeff the Pigeon w/ Costes, U Can Unlearn Guitar, PrairiePusher, Laundryroom Squelchers 
2003.10.07Portland, MEMaine College of Art w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Crank Sturgeon, Rotten Piece 
 2003.10.06Providence, RIProvidence Civic Center w/ Costes, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Rotten Piece, PrairiePusher, Crank Sturgeon 
2003.10.05Cambridge, MAThirsty Ear Pub w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Crank Sturgeon, Fourway Anal Touchfight 
 2003.10.04Rochester, NYThe Bug Jar w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Peelander-Z, Nod, Asthmatic 
 2003.10.03Buffalo, NYThe Access Community Info Shop w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Vexer 
 2003.10.02Detroit, MIDetroit Art Space w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Occasional Detroit, Laundryroom Squelchers, Volente O Nolente, Black Sand Desert 
2003.04.03Miami, FLChurchill's w/ Gruntled, Wolfboy and the Fantods, Mr. Entertainment, Temple of Bon Matin, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Laundryroom Squelchers, Dopee Francisco, Monotract 
2003.03.26South Bend, INCheers w/ Think Machine, Blood of the Dragon 
2003.03.14Madison, WINottingham Coop w/ Wolf Eyes, Craig Microcassette System, Trin Tran, Metrocide 
2003.03.08Chicago, ILbuddY w/ Service Anxiety, Rick, Church of Gravitron, Rotten Milk & Nick Sondy 
2003.02.20Chicago, ILProdigal Son w/ Gays in the Military, Swansea Mass 
 2003.01.24Brooklyn, NYNorth Six w/ Newton, Radio Shock, Roesing Ape 
 2003.01.10Chicago, ILWHPK Radio w/ Conservative Snizz 
 2002.11.23Chicago, ILIda Noyes Hall, University of ChicagoFestival of Marginalized Sub-Genresw/ Madame Chao, Winter Carousel, Burning Star Core, Panicsville, Behold! The Living Corpse, Vertonen, Gays in the Military, Soft Folds, Mummers (Eype) 
2002.11.22Appleton, WIPTC House w/ Madame Chao, Unikron 
 2002.11.20Missoula, MTJay's Upstairs w/ Madame Chao 
2002.11.19Seattle, WACoffee Messiah w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao 
2002.11.18Portland, ORPSWhat? Gallery w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Yellow Swans 
2002.11.16Sacramento, CAPrimo's Swiss Club w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Uberkunst, Delayed Sleep 
 2002.11.15Los Altos Hills, CAKFJC Radio w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao 
 2002.11.15Oakland, CAFirst Outpost w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Appliancide, Shortbus, 396 
 2002.11.14Oakland, CAKim's Pants w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Crack: We Are Rock 
 2002.11.13San Francisco, CAHemlock Tavern w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao 
 2002.11.12Los Angeles, CAFlor y Canto w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Hsuan 
 2002.11.11Los Angeles, CAThe Smell w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Books on Tape 
2002.11.07Denver, COLion's Lair w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Page 27, In Ether 
 2002.11.06Kansas City, MOThe Brick w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Cameltoe McGee 
2002.11.05St. Louis, MOLemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Phallus Chalice 
 2002.10.11Madison, WIClub 770 - Union SouthCollabortion w/ Abort Protocolw/ Melt-Banana, Flying Luttenbachers, Transformer Lootbag 
2002.09.07New York, NYPyramid w/ Crank Sturgeon, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, The Noisettes and Live Chaorin Noise Kombat (Winner: Insectdeli) 
 2002.07.09Lowell, MARRRecords w/ Crank Sturgeon, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Bobby Bunny 
 2002.07.08West Hartford, CTFreeze Dried GoatBunnyCock (BunnyBrains + Cock E.S.P.)w/ Crank Sturgeon, HBBSI (appearing as Human Flesh Goat Shed), Afilcomen 
 2002.07.06Brooklyn, NYNorth Six w/ Occasional Detroit, Rexor, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Psi 
2002.07.04Rochester, NYAnalog Shock w/ Asthmatic, Pengo, U Can Unlearn Guitar, LoVid, Nod 
 2002.06.22Miami, FLDorsch Gallery w/ Newton, Laundryroom Squelchers, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Monotract, The Real Band 
 2002.06.21Miami, FLChurchill'sheatSTROKE Festivalw/ Newton, Laundryroom Squelchers, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Monotract, Von Shit Piss, Doersam 
 2002.06.20Miami, FLChurchill's w/ Newton, Xela Zaid, Laundryroom Squelchers, U Can Unlearn Guitar, The Fuck Me Mommy's 
 2002.06.01Brooklyn, NYFree103.9 w/ BunnyBrains, Monotract, Madame Chao, A Thousand Points of Light 
2002.01.27Chicago, ILOffice Space w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Panicsville, Eugenics Council 
2002.01.25Rochester, NYAnalog Shock w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Pengo, Bo-Bo 
 2002.01.24Easthampton, MAFlywheel w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Humectant Interruption, The SB, Dakin Squad Buttfire 
2002.01.22New York, NYPyramid w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Madame Chao, Heartworm and Chaorin Kombat "Battle to be the Opening Act" (Winner: Rat Bastard) 
2002.01.21Philadelphia, PAKilltime w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Newton, White Vulture, Heroes = Shit, LaGuardia 
2002.01.20Columbus, OHMad Lab w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Noumena, EKG 
2002.01.19Cincinnati, OHSS Nova w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Eugenics Council, Hair Police, Death Beam 
 2002.01.18Nashville, TNSpringwater w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, New Faggot Cunts, Hair Police, Vee 
2002.01.16Houston, TXno tsu Oh w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Black Leather Jesus, Rotten Piece, A Pink Cloud 
2002.01.15Oklahoma City, OKThe Green Door w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Gravity Propulsion System, Tears Like Atreyu 
 2002.01.14Columbia, MOEast Side Live w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Rosemary Malign and Eugenics Council 
2002.01.13Omaha, NETed & Wally's Ice Cream Hole w/ U Can Unlearn Guitar, Wasteoid 
 2002.01.12Minneapolis, MNThe Soap FactorysubZEROw/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Pengo, Asthmatic, Newton, newcenturyschoolbook.com, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Sistrum, Tripping on Falling, Poet 1955, Barlow/Petersen/Wivinus, New Faggot Cunts, The Vig


 2001.08.23Philadelphia, PAThe Rotunda w/ The Real Band, Newton, Madame Chao 
 2001.08.21New York, NYKnitting Factory w/ Lick Golden Sky, The Lotus, Nautical Almanac, Heroes=Shit 
 2001.08.19Chicago, ILWNUR Radio   
 2001.05.21Minneapolis, MNThe Soap Factory w/ Monotract, Humectant Interruption, The Vig, Rexotron, Sistrum, New Port, Impossible Theatre Group 
2001.05.15Boca Raton, FLBoca Pub w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Newton, Full Medicine Cabinet 
 2001.05.14Miami, FLChurchill's w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Newton 
 2001.05.07Madison, WIWSUM Radio w/ The Vig 
2001.03.13Boca Raton, FLBoca PubPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Finkbeiner, U Can Unlearn Guitar, The Suck, Newton, Dixie Prix, Rexor, Doersam, The Greg Featuring The Rick 
 2001.03.08Miami, FLChurchill'sPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Pengo, Nuuj, U Can Unlearn Guitar, The Suck, Dopee Francisco 
 2001.02.24Minneapolis, MNThe Soap FactorysubZERO (Unconditional Cock - Unconditional Loathing + Cock E.S.P.)subZERO Fest w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Panicsville, Sistrum, SkyeKlad, The Vig, Jesse Petersen, Blander, Litigation 
2000.12.05Rotterdam, NLDodorama/WORM w/ V/VM, DJ's Dave Angelhair and FFF 
2000.12.03Geneva, CHKab/L'UsineFestival Underground No. 10w/ NNY, OvO, Zu, Mark Pistel, Brazen, B.O.D. 
2000.12.02Vigevano, ITC.S.A. La Sede w/ OvO 
2000.11.30Zurich, CHHohlstrasse 149 w/ Sudden Infant and Roger Rotor, DJs Mutagen and Shapeshifter 
 2000.11.25Hannover, DESilke-Arp-Bricht w/ Die Asozialen Superhelden 
2000.11.24Dresden, DEAZ-Conni w/ Hermit, Minimalistique 
2000.11.23Berlin, DENeurotitan Gallery w/ Bois Nois, Tom Ankersmit, Takeshi Fumimoto 
 2000.11.21lborg, DK1000Fryd w/ MaaletHelligerMidlet666 
 2000.11.19Oslo, NOBl w/ Acid Mothers Temple 
2000.11.18Trondheim, NOKnaus/Samfundet w/ Sultans of Swing 
 2000.11.16Bielefeld, DEAJZ w/ Flying Luttenbachers, Pim 
 2000.07.01Green Bay, WIConcert Caf w/ Ape Toucher, The Rhythm Chicken, Aluminum Knot Eye, VD 
 2000.06.24Minneapolis, MNGus Lucky'sUnconditional Cock (Unconditional Loathing + Cock E.S.P.)w/ Dromino, Noisegate, VK12 
 2000.06.09Minneapolis, MNWalker Art CenterRock the Garden (Billed as the SunShip Sextet)w/ Sonic Youth, Stereolab 
 2000.06.08St. Paul, MNKTCA TV   
2000.06.07Lincoln, NEDuffy's Tavern w/ Think, Clean Plate Club 
 2000.06.06Denver, COWonderground w/ Bio-Bitch, Page 27, Sal 3 Fold 
 2000.06.04Portland, ORThe Milk Bar w/ A. Cvar 
2000.06.03Sacramento, CABojangles w/ Uberkunst, Delayed Sleep, Fourone 500, Xome, The Bob Weirdos 
2000.06.02San Francisco, CAClitstop w/ Illusion of Safety, Noisegate 
2000.06.01Los Angeles, CAThe Smell w/ Gang Wizard, Unicorn 
2000.06.01Claremont, CAKSPC Radio   
 2000.05.31Los Angeles, CAThe FoldPhi-Phenomenaw/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Gang Wizard, |||, John Wiese 
2000.05.29Oklahoma City, OKMusic Dimensions w/ Skyline Acoustics, Strange Attractor 
 2000.05.28Chicago, ILWLUW Radio   
 2000.04.09Chicago, ILRoby's w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Metalux, Stage Coach, Devil Bell Hippies 
2000.04.08Minneapolis, MNTheSoap FactorysubZERO (Unconditional Cock - Unconditional Loathing + Cock E.S.P.)w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Thumb, New Port, Poet 1955, Zaftig 
2000.02.19Green Bay, WIConcert Caf w/ Unconditional Loathing, Sounds Like Braille, 29% Pentagram, Black Walnut


flyer1999.10.26New York, NYKnitting Factory w/ V/Vm, Ashtray Navigations, Nihilist Spasm Band, Thurston Moore & Rafael Toral 
 1999.10.25New York, NY63 Pitt w/ V/Vm, Ashtray Navigations, Rexor, Helen Keller Experience 
flyer1999.10.24New Brunswick, NJPlum Street Pub w/ V/Vm, Ashtray Navigations, Rexor, An Oxygen Auction, Black Dice 
flyer1999.10.23Philadelphia, PAAstrocade w/ V/Vm, Ashtray Navigations, Rexor, Temple of Bon Matin 
flyer1999.06.24Minneapolis, MN7th St. Entry w/ Melt-Banana, Vaz, Buffo, Sicbay 
flyer1999.05.24Iowa City, IAGabe's Oasis w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, late, Two Cent Bitch 
 1999.05.23Atlanta, GAFukktron House w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, late, Fukktron 
 1999.05.21Miami, FLChurchill's w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Monotract, Honey Baked Ham, New Port 
 1999.05.20Miami, FLChurchill's w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, late, Guitar Thieves 
 1999.05.19Memphis TNParallax w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, late, Monotract 
 1999.05.18Oklahoma City, OKMusic Dimensions w/ Laundryroom Squelchers, late 
 1999.03.27Minneapolis, MNWalker Art CenterLate Night at Gallery 8: Noise Spectrum (Billed as Emil Hagstrom)w/ Poet 1955, late, Jindra, Greg Carr and other artists 
flyer1999.03.13Minneapolis, MNThe Soap FactorysubZEROw/ Laundryroom Squelchers, Brad Kraft, Radar Threat, Rexor, Jindra, Entrance, Noise Quean Ant 
 1998.10.20New York, NYABC No Rio w/ Matt Moses, Qui, I (heart symbol) 
flyer1998.10.18New York, NY159 RivingtonPhi-Phenomenaw/ Crank Sturgeon, Duck Attack, 0 2, Bengaloon, Gaylord Pasternak 
flyer1998.10.17Philadelphia, PAAstrocade w/ Melt-Banana, Caroliner 
flyer1998.10.01Lawrence, KSReplay Lounge w/ Melt-Banana, Pablo's Triangle 
flyer1998.09.30Lincoln, NEDuffy's TavernCollaboration w/ Pablo's Trianglew/ Melt-Banana 
 1998.08.23Appleton, WIWLFM Radio   
 1998.05.30Chicago, ILBig Horse w/ Hatewave, 7000 Dying Rats, The Geezers 
flyer1998.05.09Chicago, ILFireside Bowl w/ Hatewave, Mini-Systems, Abort Protocol 
flyer1998.02.21Green Bay, WIConcert Caf w/ Impaler, Nostril, Mini-Systems, Abort Protocol 
flyer1997.10.04Green Bay, WIConcert Caf w/ Anal Cunt, 7000 Dying Rats, The Candy Snatchers 
 1997.08.14Chicago, ILEmpty Bottle w/ Crank Sturgeon, Emil Beaulieau, Skin Crime, Haters 
 1997.07.04Appleton, WIClub Zartan w/ Death Squad 
 1997.06.21Chicago, ILSalon Zwerge w/ Death Squad, Bloodyminded, Thalamide 
 1997.06.14Green Bay, WIKolb House w/ Broke Box, Hit vs. Drag 
flyer1997.05.31Appleton, WIClub Zartan w/ Alien Harvest, Saint Louis, Threshold, Hit vs. Drag, Baden Baden 
 1997.04.18Detroit, MIZoot's w/ Harry Pussy, Nautical Almanac, Isis & the Werewolves, Action Cat 
 1997.04.17Chicago, ILLounge Ax w/ Harry Pussy, Flying Luttenbachers, Dwindle 
 1997.04.16Chicago, ILSalon Zwerge w/ Harry Pussy, Sausage Fucker 
flyer1997.04.15Minneapolis, MNTerminal w/ Harry Pussy, Lost in Translation, The Walls 
 1997.02.15Green Bay, WIConcert Caf w/ Fuck Face, Nostril, Broke Box 
 1997.01.31Minneapolis, MNPanelectric w/ Lori Wray Band, Rexor, Energy Park, DJ Atari 
 1997.01.12Chicago, ILBig Horse w/ Blatherskite 
 1997.01.12Chicago, ILWLUW Radio   
 1996.12.31Appleton, WIClub Zartan w/ Ed Temple, Traindodge 
flyer1996.07.10Minneapolis, MNMighty Fine w/ The Pins, WRONG, Mooter Whsl & Mfg, Dog Rapes Man 
flyer1995.06.10Minneapolis, MNFirst Ave w/ Borbetomagus, WRONG, Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble 
flyer1994.08.17Minneapolis, MN7th St. Entry w/ Laundry, Thee Viceroys, Powerful Star Drag 
flyer1994.02.23Minneapolis, MN7th St. Entry w/ Saucer, Anthony Cox Trio, Dick & His Sailor Choir